2thirds collective second year show

The 2thirds collective are comprised of seventy graphic and media designers who are currently two thirds of the way through their BA (Hons) Graphic And Media Design degree at London College of Communication. They have titled, designed, curated and organised this show, which is exhibited at the Boiler House, part of the Old Truman Brewery in East London.

So far upon their second year, the students have undertaken five assessed studio project briefs covering typographic design, social design, information environment, and branding and moving image design. As well as these specialisms they have in addition had numerous extra curricular briefs, live projects, and competition briefs. This show displays an array of different talents possessed by the contributors, which have yielded a dynamic and diverse range of responses.

LCC 8Pager-1  
Main Identity concept – Cancan Huang

image12 Matthew-Wilsone-2 image9 image4 image2 image5IMG_2338

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