USA Printmaking Design Exchange



During the Summer of 2015, GMD/Diploma in Professional Studies design students were selected to
begin their year in Industry 2015/16 working on a collaborative printmaking project entitled ‘Similarly Different’
which occurred between LCC Design students and those from Portland (Oregon, USA).
The project experiments with difffering transatlantic perspectives through the medium of printmaking.
The resulting letterpress, screenprinting, Risograph and pinhole photographic outcomes were exhibited
at the end of the two week period of collaboration. This year Liam Mcintyre, Callum Griffiths, Christian Gyde,
Jennika Sapigao, Sophia Tai and Grace Teo took part in the project.

In 2014 DPS students also took part in this unique collaborative exchange with students from Oregon, USA.
Loi Xuan Ly, Sarah Louise Bingley, Grace Hands, Stefania Lucchesi, Grace Scarlett, Oliver Kourosch Zandi,
Maria Hamer, Wilfred Turkington and Ho Ming used their collaborative skills through printmaking.

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