Big Lino

On 23rd & 24th April at the London Transport Museum, Acton depot open weekend LCC illustration & DPS students Shana Paganolohry and Layla Amarchih

took part in The Big Steam Print with a huge lino print of the Big blue sea which they had cut at LCC the previous week.

The magic of printing is usually hidden in the sheds, workshops and studios of printers and designers. The Big Steam Print brings the secret into the open air for everyone to witness as artists and students from across the country come together for the opportunity to print on a giant scale with a vintage steam roller. This event is a world first and includes Angie Lewin, Bob and Roberta Smith, Rob Ryan and Anthony Burrill who each produce their biggest ever prints in a heady haze of steam and printing ink.

Unknown copyUnknown-1 copyUnknown-1Unknown


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