Scriptwriter Collaboration

A collaboration between Design School designers and illustrators and the Scriptwriting MA at LCC has resulted in an exhibition which will be seen by Clive Baillie (CEO of BLT Communications) which has envisioned and developed iconic images that celebrate domestic and international theatrical releases; including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maleficent, The Truman Show, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Avatar). The project was undertaken as part of the Design students’ Diploma in Professional Studies year.
For BOUDICA, GMD student Verity Lee’s poster depicts Roman Britain as a ten part TV series written by Owen Jenkins. The first century AD – a tribal queen must juggle her responsibilities as a leader, a diplomat and a mother in order to protect her daughter from the chaotic and dangerous world around them. Boudica has gone down in history as being the woman who very nearly drove the Roman Empire from the shores of Britain.
“Something I learnt when making this poster was that the designer and the client don’t always see eye to eye – which is really healthy! With one of the posters I struggled to create something I was proud of, and that the writer was proud of. After several attempts and careful conversation, that poster has become my favourite. I think it’s because we pushed one another and I made something completely new, out of my style and comfort zone. A fantastic opportunity.” Verity Lee
GMD Design student Torren Trip’s poster design describes LOLA, a TV series by writer Kash Shirazi. Set in Barking, 1968, Lola is a garment factory worker set on becoming the manager/owner following the death of her mother who had spent most of her working career there. Her father runs a casino in west London with strong ties to the gambling underworld and he wants Lola to fulfil his legacy despite her own dreams.
“I really enjoyed this project, which gave me experience working alongside a screen-writer to produce an original piece of artwork for them to pitch to industry. I had plenty of interesting material to work with and incorporate into the design. It also gave me the opportunity to experiment with a more illustrative approach which is something I’d been meaning to explore”. Torren Trip
UP IN LIGHTS was designed in letterpress by GMD’s Caitlin Jedski and Pietro Sandri for writer Fran Hamilton, illustrating the true story of an actress fighting for recognition in the fledgling film industry of 1908 New York. Not happy to be known solely as the face of the studio, Flo decides to challenge the system and ends up changing the US film industry forever.


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