Laetus Exhibition

Donal Sturt, from Studio Calm & Collected (featured here in November) and India Dickinson have curated a new monochromatic group exhibition, also featuring GMD alumni Alex May Hughes (featured here in December).

Five young contemporary artists come together to exhibit an entirely new body of work. In contrast to the plethora of brightly coloured imagery London imposes on us, artists Donal Sturt, Alex May Hughes, Lucas Dupuy, Robert Southworth and Joe Townshend will celebrate what is possible with a stripped back colour pallet of just black and white.


As a group, the artists have taken a step back from the corporate social media jungle that many millennials of their generation have grown up in, to create a simplified version of reality.

With the work stripped of its colour, each artist has focused on using their hands to create tangible artworks that are inspired by the modern world and advances in technology, whilst looking to more traditional techniques of painting, signwriting and sculpture to create it.

Laetus opens on Thursday 9th February at 91 Peckham High Road, in association with India Dickinson Gallery.

Featured by It’s Nice That:

Images: above, Donal Sturt; below: Alex May Hughes.

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