Corin Kennington: 70 x 100 Show


Above, clockwise; Corin Kennington, 70 X 100 / 004, Reverse glass painting (70x100cm). Harry Fieber, 70 X 100/ 008, The Book Club private viewCorin Kennington, 70 X 100 / 003, Duo colour screen print (70x100cm).


70 X 100 is a collaborative show from London based artists Corin Kennington and Harry Fieber, accompanied by a supporting publication designed and published by 12—B.

Corin graduated from GMD in 2015, and reflecting on his time at LCC he said; “Having always had a keen interest in typography and print, and often creating work that is heavily led by process, the letterpress and printing facilities available at LCC made it a really exciting environment to work in. My time spent in India during DPS also enhanced my love for hand painted typography and has remained a large inspiration of my work since graduating.”


Corin Kennington, 70 X 100 / 002, Single colour screen print (70x100cm).


For the exhibition, the two artists combined their shared passion for hand painted letterforms and the manual aspect of design, both rooted in a background of graphic design and sign painting, in order to create a new body of work that combines the methods and techniques found within each practice. Using process to explore typography in an expressive manner, and with a strong focus on the physicality, colour and composition of each piece, Corin and Harry investigate abstracting structures and aesthetics found within painted letterforms through digital and physical manipulation.

12—B’s publication showcases the various processes, techniques and working methods used by the artists, as well as their interpretation and creative documentation of the imagery, information and process of the artwork .

Corin Kennington had his first solo show at The Book Club’s partner venue Stories last year, and has since exhibited as a Select at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, as well as closely working with clients such as Camden Town Brewery, Polpo Restaurants and ZSL London

The series of 70x100cm hand painted and screen-printed pieces are on display at The Book Club in Shoreditch until Sunday 23rd April 2017.

See more of Corin’s work at:

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