Student’s Zine Publication: Deptford, Amsterdam, Osaka

Hungry and Undervalued was GMD student Charlotte Joseph’s self-initiated project whilst out on the Diploma in Professional Studies. Charlotte is also a music journalist in her spare time and she produced this zine about undiscovered girl bands from her gig visits and interviews.

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“I wanted to create something to bring people of colour who enjoy participating in subcultures (that don’t get mainstream press). As a challenge I wanted to see whether I could create something where almost all of the content was mine – including photography. It was about a year of hard graft and after publication I was approached by two stockists – Child’s Draw in Deptford and Standard Bookstore in Osaka. To have my zine sold in Japan is a huge accomplishment to me, especially as I never predicted it.”

The zine is available at Magculture, Charlotte Street News, Child’s Draw, Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam and Standard Bookstore in Osaka, Japan.

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