Year 2 Sign Writing Workshop

2nd year Graphic & Media Design student, Emma Shore, has been working as a sign writer for Lush Cosmetics for 2–3 years, and is part of a team of 6 who are responsible for the signage in the UK and European shops, as well as any events which the company holds.

The traditional craft of signwriting is becoming ever more present in commercial culture. So Emma shared her skills with other students in a half day workshop in which she provided an insight into the world of sign writing, through getting to know how to use the pens, as well as exploring composition, sizing and lettering. The students, worked with a variety of quotes from different designers, typographers and artists to inspire their designs.

This session was run as part of the ‘Student Voice Project’, organised by 2nd Year Coordinator, Alex Cooper, which encouraged students to share their own expertise, interests and proposals for activities.

See more of Emma’s graphic design work here: emma shore design

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