Diploma in Professional Studies: Round-Up

Starting the New Year with a quick round-up of sample activities that GMD students are currently taking part in on their year out in industry (Diploma in Professional Studies). We will be looking at some of these projects in more detail in future posts…

Ester Mejibovski and Marta Úrbez were selected by Wix Design Playground to work in NYC: http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/ester-and-marta-doing-the-nyc-design-thing-with-wix

India Wilson worked with North on the National Park City Branding: http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/london-national-park-city

Anna Lapa gets to design the new Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum:  http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/my-first-internship

Janvi Parekh – first internship in Berlin: http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/a-week-with-me-in-berlin

Hannah Balogun secured a placement at Apple: http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/apple-high-in-fiber-fruit-or-successful-tech-company

Saumya Mittal works with social design company, Design Local, in Mumbai India with an LCC alumnus: http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/lessons-learnt-so-far

Hunter Zhu works at best branding studio in China: http://www.diplomainprofessionalstudies.com/blog/mid-autumn-festival-postcard-design

Image: Hunter Zhu

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