GMD alumni, Samuel Mensah, was one of the designers who contributed to the London based #OutdoorBlackArt campaign this summer (and also interviewed by the BBC – clip below). We asked Samuel to tell us more about the project and his response…

“It’s not every day that I get to create artwork for a series of billboards all over London.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement inspired Greg Bunbury and @brotherhoodmedia to create a campaign called #OutdoorBlackArt and invite local artists to contribute.

I was honoured and excited to be selected to create a timeless message and visual reminder that would aid support. 

#BlackIsStillBeautiful No matter how much the powers that be attempt to strip us of our beauty, tear away our esteem, or attempt to erase our culture, we are still here and are still more beautiful than ever. 

I have also created a platform and shops @bisb.art on IG selling prints and merchandise of this art. All proceeds will go towards projects and initiatives supporting the BLM movement demonstrators who commit so much of their time and energy to fight for justice and equality. 

Thanks again to Greg for the opportunity and check out the work from the other artists in the #OutdoorBlackArt movement. The journey doesn’t stop here. The Marathon continues.”

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