Creatin Countries

Two GMD graduates, Hugh van der Lande and Corey Flynn, have just set up their own company, Creatin Countries. They describe this as:

“A company trying to make a positive impact through design while doing what they love; traveling around the world. Their goal is to encourage and support other content creators and brands to pursue their dream and turn their passion into a brand.”

After graduating from Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication in 2019, co-founders Hugh (who has a background as a brand identity designer working with numerous large agencies and clients) and Corey (who has a background in art direction, digital and motion design in the heart of Hollywood), both discovered a shared passion for travelling.  They agreed that no 9-5 job should constrain them from having only 28 in every 365 days a year free to experience the world. With the current pandemic at large, this sparked the motivation to put their ambition into practice and do something about it. So, they launched Creatin Countries.

The new start-up helps ease the workload of content creators and streamers by offering services to regularly edit photographs, create thumbnails for videos, edit videos and create new branding for social media channels, so they can get on with living their life and creating the very best quality content for their followers and subscribers. They also offer a variety of fully tailored services to brands looking for something more specific and unique.

Alongside the Creatin Countries design service, the guys have also created an online community. The community is designed to support other creatives, nomads and designers on their journey to taking control of their work/life balance. It is a place where like-minded people can network, discuss, get feedback on their projects and get advice on how to run their brand. Regardless of people’s background or skill level, it is a place for all, and they call it the ‘Creatin Cartel’ – available for anyone, for free, forever.

The duo are also working on a blog where people can find more in-depth help and support and other useful articles to help creators run their business single handedly. They will also be publishing and documenting their own first-hand travel finds and recommendations, and featuring other spotlight influencers going forward.

To find out more about the services they offer, join the Cartel, or to find articles that may be helpful to enable you to level up your hustle, check out their website at or find them on social media @creatincountries.

We wish them all the best with their new venture and adventures.

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