Social Squid

During her final year on the Graphic & Media Design course, Honor Davies worked on her idea for a more inclusive online gaming environment. The concept has a lot of potential, so Honor has set up a GoFundMe campaign to try and take it further and we wish her success in doing so…

“My project was inspired by my love for gaming and my passion for accessibility design. While playing games, I noticed that some gamers were at a disadvantage to others due to having to play alone. I had personally been in this position when I starting playing online games, being too scared to make friends due to my experiences of being harassed online as a woman.

The more research into online safety I did, the more I discovered that younger people are such a large target within gaming and that at the moment there is no safe way for younger gamers to meet gaming friends. They either have to rely on luck of the draw in online matchmaking or attempt to play solo. I wanted to create a platform for younger people to meet, chat and eventually become friends with other gamers in a safe and moderated space.

This is what I am beginning to do, I have launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover the starting costs associated with setting up the app as a company and beginning work to receive loans to develop my idea into a fully fledged social media app. So far I have reached ยฃ310 in donations.”

Social Squid GoFundMe campaign:ย

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