Professional Practices 2

Professional Practices (PP) is a stand-alone unit that is undertaken by all second year students in the Design School at LCC and provides the opportunity for GMD students to experience working in interdisciplinary collaborative groups to create a self-initiated collaborative project and work on a live industry brief.

GMD students are asked to reflect on their group working experiences. In this second case study, Filip Havlena shares what he took away from the collaboration:

Despite the many challenges caused by the global pandemic, the PP unit provided us with the opportunity to test our skills in a collaborative environment and gain valuable experience for our future careers as graphic designers. More than anything, I’ve learnt the importance of a great team. Whether you are looking for someone to work with or you are being hired, in order to produce good work, it is vital to be in a highly committed and motivated team with compelling skill sets. For our industry brief, we were asked to create engaging merchandise for Full Fact – Britain’s leading, independent fact checking charity. We came up with a series of transparent clothing items. As well as being trendy and fashionable, we believe it can become a symbol for honesty, the act of being transparent and not having anything to hide.

Filip Havlena

Group Members: Filip Havlena (GMD), Marta Freire (GMD), Yueyu Huang (GMD), Qingyu He (Illustration and Visual Media), Will Glen (Design for Art Direction).

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