During his Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) year in 2020, GMD student Homan Cheung won a prestigious D&AD Award for his distinctive bike share brand, SPOT!

Bike share schemes are popular among different cities but very often their identities are disconnected from the places. SPOT! is a new bike hire scheme aiming to provide a unique cycling experience for urban dwellers and visitors in Hong Kong, encouraging both aspects of users to explore the characters of this city.

The brief’s goal was to reflect a city’s (Hong Kong) characteristics through the brand identity of a bike share scheme. Having talked to people outside the city, I recognized what makes Hong Kong remarkable and compact and diverse. Within a small but historical city, you can experience a wide variety of landscape, cultures and people. As if surprises are everywhere for cyclers to spot. 

With that in mind, I designed the brand SPOT! with the idea of seeking interesting things and excitements in our day-to-day life. With vivid colour tone and the energetic exclamation marks, the brand aims to convey the bike scheme as exploration tools for tourists and a lifestyle for locals. 

Homan Cheung


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