Numerical Design

The Menstrual Cycle Numerical Design is one of the long running design studies of Ooh Any Day Now, a creative collaborative studio founded by Hedieh Anvari, an Associate Lecturer on the BA GMD course. 

The series of designs aim to give voice to one integral machinery behind the everyday life of girls, women and menstruating people. However, the vast majority of people are unaware of the four phases of the menstrual cycle, their effects and benefits. 

The four different numerical designs presented here are the third and final outcomes based on the general characteristics of each phase.

For this design project Hedieh Anvari invited Ashwaq Fahem, a recent GMD graduate, to work on a new set of numerical designs.

“We simply relied on knowledge provided on medical platforms along with our own experience of the cycle to provide an identity for each phase of the cycle. The focus on numerical design helps to highlight the recurring and sequential nature of the cycle.”

Hedieh Anvari

Currently Sofia Wang, a GMD Design for Professional Studies student, is using Blender to sculpt and animate the designs by building a suitable habitat and a narrative to communicate to a wider audience.

For the upcoming and final stage of the menstrual cycle numerical design, Ooh Any Day Now is inviting designers to participate in developing a series of poster designs as a third method of communication.

“It was a great opportunity to work with Hedieh in the Menstrual Cycle Digits project. I practiced what I have learnt in the university and was a chance to develop my knowledge. However, I explored more about designing fonts, learnt new skills from Hedieh’s advice which gives me more confidence in this field. It was an amazing feeling after it took us lots of time to come up with this satisfactory result to see the illustration vectors and be able to use them as fonts.”

Ashwaq Fahem

“I see it as a study of the menstrual cycle through the lens of design, in which the subject matter can be dissected into multiple complex layers in contrast to the common stereotype.”

Sofia Wang

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